Lotus Cup Japan

Lotus Cup Japan is one of the Most Beautiful Race

Model range

The lineup of participants of Lotus Cup includes the best Lotus race super cars, like Elise Range, Exige, Evora and 3-eleven.

The Lotus Elise first was shown in 1996 and the design of small sport car was changed with its aluminum chassis and composite body. There were many variants, but the main principle remains the same. The last renovations, made in 2011, have brought new headlights and tail-lights, updated aerodynamics. It’s the least expensive version of the car that attracts much attention. Lotus Elise Sport is considered to be the base model. The range also includes Sport 220, Cup 250, 250 Special Edition and the Race 250 track special.

Lotus Exige is a two-door sport automobile, which is a coupe version of the Lotus Elise. The first version of Lotus Exige was released in 2000. The engine of this sport car had a volume of only 1.8 liters, but, thanks to the high performance, power plant capacity reached the level of 179 BHP since 2004, the production comes a second series of cars Lotus Exige. Car is equipped with a 1.8 liter DOHC engine, which can produce 193 HP for all cars. The variations of Exige range are: the Sport 350, the Sport 380 and the Race 380.

Super car Lotus Evora was first presented at the British Motor show in London in 2008. Serial production of the model started in 2009. Evora is an elegant sport car of the Lotus Company, which creations based on the most modern technologies. The car has a relatively light body structure, combined with powerful petrol and diesel engines, which provide excellent driving dynamics. In the center of the dashboard is a 7-inch monitor, which can display completely different information.

Lotus 3-Eleven is the most powerful road car that carries the Lotus label, and the fastest road car produced in Hethel. Lotus 3-Eleven includes in the ranks of those rare cars that can reach 100 km per hour in 3 seconds and 160 kph in 6 seconds. In addition to this, Lotus 3-Eleven has a simplicity and perfection in the management of famous brand hand-build where all the cars Lotus is famous for, allowing them to pass the circle test polygon Hethel in 1 minute of 19.5 seconds for the racing version. Extreme, purposeful and magnificent are all the words that can describe 3-Eleven. This is a car that has an extremely rare performance and the manual assembly, like any other hyper car. Nothing else provides such a natural sense of overload, and even in the maximum configuration. The price is up to 100,000 pounds.