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How to Check Car History Before Buying

Buying a used car is accompanied by risks, so it is important to check the car in advance for legal purity and competently assess its technical condition. There is a step-by-step instruction.

Stage 1: Database verification

It is from this stage that you should start checking the car. On the one hand, you will save time on personal examinations if the options are unsuccessful. On the other hand, you will get full information about the history of the car and, if the problems are minor, you will be able to bargain for a discount from the seller.

If you don’t investigate the car you are buying, you could end up losing both the car and the money you paid for it. To stay protected try a car history check online today including MOT, mileage checks, finance history, owners & more.

If there are unpaid bills, fines, debts on the car, then it will not be possible to register it for you. These bills can only be paid off by the seller of the car.

Stage 2: Document verification

There should be no inserts, corrections and other adjustments in the documents.

All information about the car in the documents must match the car itself. You can find all the numbers and codes in the car.


Image by Midia from Pexels

Stage 3: Technical condition check

It is best to do this in a specialized service specializing in servicing this particular brand of cars, or at an official dealer. Here you will also find out the cost of eliminating the detected shortcomings of the car and understand how much you can bargain with the seller. Learn a little more about the history of the car.

Stage 4: Re-checking the history of the car

This stage of checking the car is the final one, but no less important and relevant. It may take several days from the moment of the initial inspection of the machine and the technical inspection of the machine before purchase. During this time, the seller could do anything with the car. Therefore, purchase a car history check before buying, just before signing the contract and handing over the car. This will finally remove all risks from you and the car and allow you to fully enjoy the purchase.

Photo by Alexandre Boucher on Unsplash