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Lotus Cup Japan is one of the Most Beautiful Race

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What is Lotus Cup?

Lotus Cup is the World’s premier Lotus race Championship, which was organized by Group Lotus. It was a request of one of the customer and interest of the dealer, which led to set up professional motor sport. At that time many competitors were attracted from all over the world. The first championship started in 2011, where it had eight rounds with forty starters. Now Lotus Cup is developed into one

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Main international race championships

Lotus Cup The Lotus Cup Championship is a remarkable series for the participants where it is possible to find medium operational costs and social, friendly paddock, including hospitality. The Lotus Cup Championship games are mostly carried out as an event of one day. Such type of races is the best skill to develop the racing career. The competition has different cars – participants, which are some super vehicles like Lotus

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Super Gt 2d Race at Fuji Speedway

On Saturday, May 3, Super GT 2nd round FUJI 500KM RACE started. The race at the Fuji Speedway will be held twice throughout the season, but this tournament is a long-standing place of 500 km. Cars Tokai Dream 28 will fight this long race where two pits are obligatory by packaging with Scintiam Apple Lotus, Kato Hiroki, Takahashi Kazuho players. Kato firstly drove No. 2 Synthium Apple Lotus (SGT-EVORA) in

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Championships general Regulation

The aim of the Lotus Cup lies in providing a secure, comfortable and commercially available contest for participants, who desire to chase the best variations of Lotus model range. Besides the Lotus Cup competition one can find 2 groups, having 2 class titles but the whole contest is waiting for the comprehensive results of the competition. An ordinary race contest includes a qualifying session and two races with 30 minutes

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Lotus Cup in Japan

Motor sports are very popular in Japan. Lotus Cup Japan is one of the most beautiful, lightweight and well-balanced race, which gained the prestigious status. Considering the safety equipment that was registered in the country and still conformed to the JAF (Japan Automobile Federation) motor sport regulations, with consideration of public roads and circuit driving, the Lotus Cup covers many races in a year with Twin Link Mogi, Suzuka circuit

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Under the auspices of JAF (Japan Automobile Federation) there is an official race “LOTUS Cup Japan”, which plays an important role in motor sport of Japan. The opening ceremony of the 2017 season was held on Friday, April 2 at Fuji Speedway. The 17th season opened the first game of Lotus Cup Japan at Fuji. The second game was held at Suzuka circuit on May 7. , Accordingly the third

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Super GT 2017 at Okayama International Circuit

The Super GT Championship of 2017 is including in the twenty forth season Super GT Series, regulated by Japan Automobile Federation. This season of Super GT Series involves eight races, and the first one started on 9th of April. The last race will be held on November, 12. On Saturday, April 8, 2017, Super GT began at Okayama International Circuit. This season Cars Tokai Dream 28 will fight the GT

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Japan race calendar 2017 (upcoming events)

When What championship Where  June 25, 2017  Lotus Cup Japan 2017, 3d round  Fuji Speedway  July 9, 2017  Lotus Cup Japan 2017, 4th round  Sportsland SUGO  July 22-23, 2017  Super GT, 4th round  Sportsland SUGO  August 5-6, 2017  Super GT, 5th round  Fuji Speedway  August 26-27, 2017  Super GT, 6th round  Suzuka International Racing Course  October 7-8, 2017  Super GT, 7th round  Chang International Circuit, Thailand  October 6-8, 2017  FIA

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